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Version history

changes July 9, 2024
removed Inntel hotel webcam - no live stream for several days
added NH Atlantic hotel webcam at zandmotor

changes June 15, 2024
updated Aloha webcam Youtube source
updated website user manual

changes May 20, 2024
removed all references to current forecasts
removed wind correction factor
repaired the gauge

changes April 8, 2024 has changed the data sources since 4-4-2024
Updated datasource for tides
Current datasource not available - to be updated later

changes December 21, 2023
Removed Hartbeach webcam - link no longer available
Added Boulevard Hotel webcam
Added tide and current analysis

changes December 25, 2022
Updated Hartbeach webcam youtube link.
Changed webcam images to lazyload.

changes November 8, 2022
Removed ScheveningenLive webcam mosaic, because of termination of service on October 26.
Changed color of buienradar time bar to yellow.

changes May 14, 2022
Adjusted ventury wind correction factor to 10%.

changes December 8, 2021
Replaced webcam Boulevardhotel by webcam at Carlton Hotel.

changes July 2, 2021
The observed windspeed at Meteotoren is too optimistic compared to the wind speed at sea, because of the ventury effect of the dunes.
After careful comparison with other weather stations, the observed windspeed perpendicular to the dunes is reduced by 10%.
Added time bar to buienradar-onweerradar.

changes May 24, 2021
Added webcam NH Atlantic in Kijkduin - shows beach from Hoek van Holland to Scheveningen harbour.
Changed Buienradar to onweerradar - Rain radar with lightning (red box with yellow cross).
Improved page loading time.

changes March 21, 2021
Fixed scales on tide and current graph --> to make extremes more visible.

changes February 14, 2021
Migrated ScheveningenLive webcam to VideoJS open source player

changes February 6, 2021
Improved quality and security of ScheveningenLive webcam mosaic.

changes December 27, 2020
Added tooltips when clicking on graphs, including conversion to Beaufort scale.

changes December 6, 2020
Added mosaic with 4 webcams from

changes November 4, 2020
Added tide measured by RWS in Scheveningen to the Tide chart.
Changed initial scale at load.

changes October 28, 2020
Added calculated sunrise and sunset times to the dial gauge info
Added actual sea temperature measured by RWS at Lichteiland Goeree to the dial gauge info
Added actual air temperature measured by Meteotoren in Scheveningen to the dial gauge info
Placed the wind direction timestamp as an overlay of the dial gauge
The wind data are crossed, the timestamp is blinking and the arrow not shown if the data are older than 30 min.
Added mark on buienradar image to show location of Scheveningen.

changes October 18, 2020
Built new horizontal scrolling block with meteotoren observations, 48h Harmonie forecast and RWS tide and current data.
Built dial gauge with last wind and current data
Resized the blocks so that 3 columns fit on HDMI screen, 2 columns on a regular laptop and a single column on mobiles.
Windy data Scheveningen full screenwidth on top
Disabled tooltips when hovering over graphs

changes October 7, 2020
Changed data source of tide and current block - RWS does no longer support Hirlam

changes July 5, 2020
removed Windguru Hirlam - Harmonie is better and is shown behind Meteotoren data
created tide and current block from RWS data - this current is corrected for the wind forecast
added time bar to Meteotoren blocks - to show clearly if the data is updated
reshuffled the blocks

changes July 3, 2020
improved html progamming
added favicon

changes June 6, 2020
changed METEOTOREN to WEATHER2KITE - Meteotoren data with KNMI HARM forecast and windspeed in knots
added text OFF-SHORE WIND

changes May 24, 2020
changed Magic Seaweed scroll on mobile phones
added title METEOTOREN Scheveningen Noord
solved problem that METEOTOREN popup did not show in pink block

changes May 17, 2020
removed zeewebcam scheveningen - poor resolution
added windguru reload event to window reload every 20 minutes
added privacy and version history page
relocated to

changes May 13, 2020
added Zeewebcam Scheveningen with webcam controls
changed Johns Wind to original source
changed link from Hartbeach to original webcam source on Youtube
changed link from Boulevardhotel to original webcam source on Youtube
added a scroll on Magic Seaweed. Due to varying add-sizes does not always scroll to the correct location

changes May 10, 2020
changed layout to floating div blocks, so that smaller displays show a single column and larger display multiple columns.
turned off webcam autoplay to save data on smart phones.
added Magic Seaweed and Windy at request of Natasha.
added Johns Wind at request of Ronald
increased line spacing between links

changes May 6, 2020
added transparent red block over Meteotoren wind direction, to indicate off-shore wind
replaced RWS getij by Prahprah - better presentation

original version May 5, 2020
Windfinder widget
Windguru HIRLAM widget
Windguru EWAM waves forecast widget
Boulevardhotel webcam
Buienradar widget
Rijkswaterstaat getij
Meteotoren wind speed
Meteotoren wind direction